In Community

We take fellowship seriously. Fitness will only get you so far with your mental and relational health. In F3 we say that fellowship is the glue that holds men together. Check out some of the ways F3 men fight against today's loneliness epidemic and live in community together.

Bring your Kid to Workout Day

We know that the best way to improve our communities long-term is to invest in the next generation. That's why every so often we invite our kids (of any age) to come workout and learn what it means to make a positive impact in your neighborhood.

Sporting Events

Men feel most comfortable hanging out shoulder-to-shoulder (not face-to-face). What better way to way to build relationships than crammed into the nosebleed section at a Broncos game.


A lot of our workout groups will stick around afterwards for "coffeeteria". Sometimes it's at the nearby coffee shop, sometimes it's a box-of-joe out of someones trunk. Either way, it's a great opportunity to get to know some awesome guys.

Ice Bath

They say it's good for you... It did feel nice after a hard workout.

Welcome Home

From hosting Broncos watch parties, to hosting men far from home on Christmas, F3 guys are opening up their homes to facilitate more meaningful relationships.

Holiday Parties

What can be better than sharing unlimited breadsticks with the guys who have dedicated to working out together!?