Shared Leadership Team

F3 is a global network of workout groups with leadership at the regional and global levels. All members of leadership are volunteers - no one is getting paid to do this. The executive leadership team for F3 Nation can be found at

The F3 Denver region has its own leaders. We call them the Shared Leadership Team (SLT). They are tasked with guiding the men of this region to accomplish our mission. Most leadership positions rotate each August. The leadership positions have funny names, so details are provided on exactly what they do.

In addition to specific responsibilities outlined below, all SLT members should:

Nantan - DoubleD

The cultural and spiritual leader, who represents but does not govern.  He encourages men to Plant, Grow, and Serve and ignites the need for male community leadership.


Weasel Shaker - OPEN

He gives men a shake when they try to weasel out of their commitments. He is a best practice investigator, implementation specialist, rule embracing, spreadsheet-loving, detail-oriented sort that helps the Region accelerate.


2nd F Q - Dry Rub

All about Fellowship. Fellowship is community. Men today are desperately lonely. The 2nd F Q focuses on helping men build and deepen relationships.



It's a miracle these guys can do anything without me. Male relationship is at the core of F3. Technology can't replace it - but it can be leveraged to help enable it.


Comz - OPEN

A man dedicated to keeping the drum beating so men know where, when, and how to live in community.


Site Qs

Each workout location has one. They make sure core principles stay in tact and that every new man to show up gets a first-rate first impression.



One of F3's saying is "Freed to Lead". If you want to server the region and see a gap in our leadership team, let us know! We'd love to onboard you and enable you to support the region.

To help you brainstorm, here are some positions that exist in other F3 regions.